Cold rolled to BS1449 / EN10139
CS1, CS2 & CS3 & CS4 Annealed 0.50mm - 3.50mm
HR1 to HR4 Gauge corrected 0.80mm - 6.00mm

Cold rolled to BS1449 / EN10130
CR1 to CR4:- 0.50mm to 3.00mm

Carbon steels to BS1449 / EN10139
CS50, CS60 & CS70:- 0.20MM - 3.00MM

Hot rolled Carbon steels to BS1449 / EN10111
HS40, HS50, HS60 & HS70:- 2.00MM - 6.00MM

Hot rolled to BS1449 / EN10111
HR15, HR4, HR3, HR2 & HR1:- 1.40mm to 6.00mm

We can supply Galvanised in smooth, matt & spangled finishes in Z1, Z2, Z3, Z28 & Z35 : - 0.40mm to 3.20mm

Zintec coil, single & double sided, dry and oiled
CR1, CR2, CR3 & CR4 bases :- 0.60mm - 3.00mm
I/Z Alloy CR1, CR2, CR3 & CR4 bases :- 0.60mm - 3.00mm
Aludip in AS01, AS02, AS03, AS04 & AS05:-- 0.40mm -0 2.00mm
Zalutite in AZ1 & AZ2:- 0.40mm - 2.00mm

Edge condition
We can meet many edge rolled conditions (Round, Square & de burred).

Coils can be supplied up to 1650mm outside diameter with a 4 tonne max coil weight

We can supply material cut to length to the following maximums : 406.4mm wide, 6.0mm thickness & 3 metres long.

Specialised material
Stainless steels (Annealed, temper rolled)
Carbon Steels (Annealed, temper rolled and hardened & Temper)
Phosphor Bronze

We can accommodate most packing requirements suitable for both overhead crane and forklift truck off load.

All deliveries are tested and certified in accordance with our ISO 9001 accreditation.

Free issue
We undertake free issue rolling, slitting and de-coiling.

Alternative requirements?
Our product range/portfolio is constantly being reviewed and updated. If you have a specific requirement that does not fall into any of the
above categories please do not hesitate in contacting our sales team and we will be happy to review your requirements.